The Better Business Bureau has recently noticed a trend of Ebola related scams taking place, especially in the Dallas and North Eastern region of Texas. The area, which has been affected by Ebola after the first victim of the deadly virus passed away and infected two nurses, has started.

An example of the fraudulent funding can be seen on GoFundMe where an anonymous source has started taking donations for Joy Vinson, a nurse that was infected with Ebola in Atlanta. When her family was asked about this fundraising effort, the family had heard nothing about it, nor did they authorize it. While Go FundMe put an end to the page, other pages that are devoted to raising money for Ebola have started to rise.

This includes an influx in phone related scams. The scam appears to be legitimate to the caller, since a reputable organization is often referenced in the scam. The name of the actual charity and location often vary, but when victims have looked further into the claims, there is no such branch in existence for the charity. While donating to a legitimate cause is acceptable, it is important for concerned citizens to be wise before agreeing to donate money to any source.

A good rule of thumb is to never donate to anyone that you don’t know. Find a charity that is well publicized and verifiable. Then, look at the options that they have for making a donation. Use only their approved donation resources to make the donation, and ensure that it is done over a secure line or an encrypted website.

If a charitable organization asks you to make a donation over the phone, offer to call them back to discuss the donation. Let them know you want the main phone number of the charity and the extension of the person you are talking to. If things check out, you can go ahead and make a donation in this manner.

When you are making a donation, verify that the donation is tax deductible. Not all charities are tax exempt.

With a little effort on your part, you can avoid becoming a victim of an Ebola related phone scam, ensuring that your money goes where you intended it to.

Fast Phone Repair team