Apple has always been a company that has brought innovative and lifestyle friendly features to market for their customers, and their latest Apple Pay service adds one more to their prestigious list.

Apple pay is a service designed to make real world purchases easier for owners of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch devices. Essentially a digital wallet, Apple Pay will allow you to pay for your favorite goods and services from your compatible device, making everyday transactions faster and more secure, and further cementing the iPhone as your all in one digital device.

So How Does It All Work?

Apply pay makes use of some very specific technology that was introduced in the latest iPhones, as well as the Apple Watch. Tech savvy users will know this technology as NFC, or Near Field Communication. This technology allows users to tap their device on a receiver or NFC enabled terminal to begin communication. The communication itself is made over Bluetooth, but it’s the NFC technology that begins the secure handshake and authenticates both sides of the transaction.

What happens from this point is essentially no different to making a secure credit card transaction online, or making payments through PayPal. Your stored card information is transferred digitally to the merchant to authorize a purchase.

Why is this more secure than simply using your credit card? Because you’ll never need to physically present your credit card, or reveal the number to a cashier. Everything is completed discretely, and the transactions are also encrypted. As an added security measure you’ll need to identify yourself on your device using your Apple Touch ID (fingerprint), so there’s no risk of unauthorized use, even if you were to misplace your device.

Is Apple Pay A Complete Replacement For My Physical Wallet?

Apple Pay has a lot of potential, and it already has a wide reach with merchants, but it’s not a complete solution yet. Many technology enthusiasts dream of a day when everything is digital and all they would have to carry around with them is their iPhone, Apple Watch, or maybe something even smaller and more futuristic. The reality of the situation is that you’re still going to need alternative forms of currency at this point. This is because payment networks are not yet robust enough to guarantee 100% uptime, and also because Apple Pay is currently limited to around 220,000 locations. Some of the partners include Texaco, McDonald’s, Nike, Subway, and Toys ‘r Us to name just a few, so even while the network grows, you will be able to complete a good number of your day to day transactions using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a brilliant example of how a single technology like NFC has been used by Apple to improve the way that we use our smartphones. The service is a little glimpse of what all payments might be like in the not so distant future, and it’s a nifty piece of tech that you can get genuine value from right now if you have an iPhone 6 or Apple Smart Watch.

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