There’s a lot of misinformation that floats around when it comes to electronic repairs, and this is especially true when it comes to cell phone repairs. Because cell phones have such a high saturation in society, it’s inevitable that you will need a repair at some stage, or know someone else who does. It doesn’t matter if you’re in California, Milwaukee, or even if you need cell phone repairs in Rochester Minnesota, you’ll probably hear one of the following misconceptions from friends, family, or colleagues.

To put you at ease about cell phone repairs no matter where you are, let’s take a look at the three most common misconceptions, and why you shouldn’t let them sway you away from choosing to have your cell phone repaired by reputable professionals.

Cell Phone Repair Misconception #1 – Most Repairs Cost More than the Value of the Phone

If you look at prices on the surface, this misconception might initially seem to be a fact. Imagine you paid $99 for your phone from a provider like Verizon. Somewhere along the line you shattered the screen, and now you’re looking at a bill for $100 or more to have the glass and digitizer replaced. Here’s a fact: almost every cellphone from major network providers has been subsidized. You initially pay $99, but then the rest of the cost is made up over your contract period. So in essence you may receive a $600 phone for $99 that is then ‘paid for’ in subscription rates and additional services.

Replacing the phone might only cost you $99, but then you are likely to extend your contract terms, and then you end up paying more. Always look for the true value of your phone before judging repair costs, especially if you’ve purchased the phone on contract rather than outright.

Cell Phone Repair Misconception #2 – Only the Original Manufacturer Should Service My Cell Phone

To clear this one up, if your phone is within its warranty period and you have a defect that isn’t caused by physical damage, by all means send it to the manufacturer. However if it’s anything else, a cell phone repairer is your best option.

Cell phone warranties can be misleading. Most defects are brought about by misuse, damage, or incorrect operating conditions. Manufacturers have a stringent process that identifies most repairs as outside of warranty, as opposed to those actually covered by the warranty terms. As an example, simply using your phone in a humid environment could trip a water damage indicator, so even when you send your phone to the manufacturer you’re not guaranteed to be covered.

A cell phone repair shop like Fast Phone Repair in Rochester MN can complete all of the repairs that an in house service team could, and in most cases these repairs are completed in a fraction of the time it takes to send it away. Best of all, repairs are often completed at a far reduced cost compared to what you might pay a manufacturer or network operator when the fault is found to be outside of warranty.

Cell Phone Repair Misconception #3 – My Phone Can’t Be Fixed!

How many times have you heard: “it’s not worth it, just get a new phone”? The fact is, almost any fault, defect, or damage to a cell phone can be repaired. The phone would literally have to be crushed and disintegrated for it to be irreparable. Because of widely available parts, most repairs are economical, and everything from housing replacement, screen replacement, battery replacement, and even internal component replacement can be completed by a competent cell phone technician. Even when your phone seems completely dead (often referred to as ‘bricked’), a repair is not out of the question. A massive proportion of total cell phone faults are caused by software issues. Sometime all it takes is a recovery or firmware flash to get your phone running like new again.

Before you decide it’s not viable to repair your cell phone, let a professional look at it first. You might just find that it’s a simple fix after all, saving you hundreds of dollars from replacing your phone unnecessarily.

Toss the Misconceptions and Talk to a Reputable Technician

You wouldn’t play the role of the expert when it comes to mechanical repairs on your car, so why not take the same approach to your electronic devices? Let a professional inspect your phone before jumping to conclusions, especially when they are based on misconceptions around cell phone repairs.

A professional cell phone repair tech in Rochester Minnesota will be able to identify problems on any phone, and make recommendations for repairs that will have you up and running before you throw your money away on an unnecessary replacement.

Fast Phone Repair team