Schools all across the country are putting digital technology to good use in the classroom. While computers have long been a staple of learning institutions, we are now seeing a major shift toward the use of individual devices. In particular, iPads have soared in popularity, and more than 600 school districts across the country have now initiated a 1:1 iPad program.

Of course popularity doesn’t exactly equal success. While iPads are certainly a fun and exciting addition to a classroom environment, some might wonder if this is all a lot of hype. So do iPads really improve education? What kind of results are we seeing from this widespread iPad adoption? Read on, and see for yourself.

Greater Student Engagement

Students of all ages are saying that iPads make study easier and more efficient. Rather than hauling around numerous textbooks, students are able to access all of their study material on one lightweight device. A study conducted by the Pearson Foundation showed that over 60% of students were more engaged and were performing better with the use of tablets.

Higher Test Scores

With an enhanced learning experience, students seem to excel in school. The results are consistent across the wide range of ages. Kindergarteners who used iPads for learning scored significantly higher on literacy tests than their non-iPad using counterparts. On the other end of the spectrum, medical students at U of C Irvine medical school scored 23% higher on national exams than their unequipped predecessors.

Happier Teachers

The use of iPads makes the educator’s job a whole lot easier as well. Open Colleges has stated that 81% of teachers feel that tablets offer an enriched learning environment. Looking at the statistics, it’s not surprising that teachers are convinced! These little devices have been a tremendous boon to the education system, and we’ve only scratched the surface of their many uses. From accessing textbooks and lessons to playing educational games, and much more, the iPad presents a unique approach to learning that is bringing amazing results. While purchasing such a massive number of devices has been an uphill fight for some school districts, most are thrilled with the outcome.

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