While Android phones are powerful devices, they do begin to experience problems as they get older. As codes and data ages, these phones begin to slow down, experience problems and eventually become too buggy to use in their current state. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help improve the health of your phone.

This begins by clearing up space on the device. Larger apps, photos and video can begin to take a toll on your phone. If you are no longer using any of these, transfer them to a SD card or uninstall them. Once you have removed items, always ensure that you clear the data and cache and ensure that they are truly deleted from your device.

In cases where you need the phone and it is fine to zap everything from it, you can back up your data and do a reinstall of the factory software. This will restore the phone to its original point. This can help to overwrite years of device problems that have accumulated and in many cases your phone will begin to work better than it has in years.

You can also keep your home screen simple, removing the bulk of the widgets on the phone. For rooted devices, you can even consider installing a custom ROM that will allow you to boost the speed on your phone. Of course, if you are uncomfortable doing any major changes on your own, you can always talk to the professionals at Fast Phone Repair to get their help.

Once you have your phone restored, be proactive about what you put on it. Don’t bog it down with videos, pictures, apps and music. Keep it simple and to the essential apps. You may also want to dim the brightness, disabling Bluetooth and wireless when you aren’t using them and help to get a longer battery life, while helping to keep things from overloading your memory.

Fast Phone Repair team