Most people are lost without their phone, but with everything you do on your phone, battery life often becomes a big concern. Unless you carry a charger or a spare battery with you throughout the day, you need to make sure your battery doesn’t run low. Conserve your phone’s battery life by following these helpful tips.

Tip #1 – Dim the Phone’s Screen

First, dim your phone’s screen. Every time you use the phone, the screen is activated. If your screen is very bright, it starts draining your battery each time you check the phone. Dim the screen’s backlight as much as possible, or consider using the auto-brightness mode, which adjusts the phone’s brightness to the best level for reading while it conserves the battery.

Tip #2 – Turn Off the Phone’s Vibrations

Turning your phone on vibrate is a great idea if you have to keep your phone silent, but it takes a lot of power. A ringtone doesn’t take up near the battery power that the vibrate setting does. If you’re trying to conserve your battery, disable all the vibrations on your phone.

Tip #3 – Close Apps That Aren’t in Use

When you use apps on your phone, you probably never bother to close the app, even when you’re done using it. Failing to close apps can really drain your battery life quickly. If you’re not using an app, close it.

Tip #4 – Turn Off the GPS

Apps that use GPS drain your battery even faster, since the GPS on your phone is constantly sending and receiving signals to and from satellites to figure out your exact location. Turning off the GPS on the phone will eliminate this problem, saving your battery.

Tip #5 – Reduce the Screen Timeout

If your screen stays on for a minute or two after you’re done using it, it’s drawing more battery power. If you lock the phone, you’ll avoid this. However, if you don’t remember to lock the phone after using it, set your screen timeout to a short duration so you avoid wasting battery power.

Tip #6 – Keep Notifications to a Minimum

It’s easy to set up notifications for emails, apps, news and more. However, all those notifications use up your battery power. Keep your notifications to a minimum, choosing essential notifications and turning off the rest when you need to make your battery last longer.

Tip #7 – Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When Unneeded

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features are great, but they consume energy by constantly searching for signals. If you’re in an area with poor reception, your phone continues trying to find a good connection. All these searches will significantly drop your battery level. When you’re not using these features, turn them off.

If you have tried the tips and your phone still does not have very good battery life feel free to stop into Fast Phone Repair in Rochester MN and ask a technician about replacement or repair options for your phone.

Fast Phone Repair team