Have a phone case that only provides drop protection? Constantly using different accessories that you have to plug and unplug, switch between one at a time, and carry around to get the most out of your phone? nexpaq (company and product name) has launched a Kickstarter to solve your problems as well as give you seemingly endless possibilities of modifying your smartphone experience.

Introducing the world’s first modular phone case! With options like improving battery life, increasing storage space, or enhancing LED lights and speaker volumes nexpaq cases look to do everything that current cases and accessories are doing for you. Hold on, that’s not to say they’re just like everything else on the market, though – far from it in fact. Nexpaq’s ‘options’ aren’t different cases for different functions, but one case that allows for combinations of modules performing the tasks you need all at once. With 12 modules available at launch – like the breathalyzer, air quality tester, and temperature & humidity reader – there’s sure to be a unique combination of features for everyone based on individual interests or needs.

Interchangeable modules that either enhance phone qualities or provide add-on features will make the smartphone even more revolutionary and useful than it already is. But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. While the actual case is specific to the device you’ll be using, the modules are universal for all nexpaq cases. In other words, if you and your friend both have a nexpaq case and they need a little extra battery life but not the battery module on hand you can just unplug yours from the case and plug it into their’s. This probably won’t be the case (punintentional) too often, though, seeing as how the case itself has battery power of its own that can provide up to 60% more battery life! Or maybe you have data on your iPhone that you want to transfer quickly to your friend’s Galaxy and don’t want to go through uploading files through e-mails and whatnot. Use either the SD card reader or backup modules to store and transfer the data quickly.

Modules are sure to become an entire market of their own if the nexpaq finds a big enough audience and revolutionizes the phone case – how can it not? Current and future modules will work cross-device for phones out now and phones not even developed yet. Whenever you decide to upgrade you’ll only need a new case to hold your collection of modules instead of repurchasing them all again.