In-Store Phone Repairs

Fast In-Store Repairs

These days, being without your phone or other beloved devices just isn’t an option for any of us, meaning repairs don’t just have to be done right the first time, but super fast, too. We fix things right in our stores and finish most projects in as little as 30 minutes. How’s that for super fast?

In-Store Repair Options:

  • iPhone Repairs – We can fix your iPhone in-store at a fraction of the cost to replace it.
  • Smart Phone Repairs – We repair most smartphone brands like, but not limited to, Samsung, LG, and Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, and Sony.
  • iPad Repairs – Most of the time we can repair iPads in 2-3 hours depending on our schedule.
  • Tablet Repairs – Like iPads we can repair most other brands of tablets in-store.  Brands like Kindle, Galaxy, HTC, Nook and Google Nexus.
  • Computer Repairs – We can repair laptops and desktops for all brands.

You name it, we fix it.  Fill out the contact form below to get started.

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