Computer Repair

Computer Repair by Fast Phone Repair

fast-phone-repair-image-3With a name like Fast Phone Repair, you may think our repair expertise would only cover smartphones and tablets. While it’s true we mostly fix smartphones and tablets, we also have the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle most laptop repairs or desktop repairs. Our technicians include computer gurus that have prior experience at big box electronics retailers and college educations in computer science and engineering. We repair both Windows and Mac computers.

Computer Repair for Performance

With the recent decline in computer performance between successive generations of hardware, it now makes more sense than ever to bring your ‘old’ laptop or desktop computer in and let us breathe new life into it! We can do many hardware and all software repairs necessary to make your computer feel and run just like it did when you first bought it. We’ve repaired countless mid range HP, Sony, Dell, etc. laptops with issues like broken charge connectors and cracked LCDs. We’ve also repaired many MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac desktops, and gaming laptops like Alienware! If you have a computer in need of repair of any kind and you’d like it fixed cheaper and faster than local big box stores or computer repair stores, bring it in!

Computer Repair Options:

  • fast-phone-repair-image-6Cracked LCDs
  • Faulty hard drives and disk drives
  • Bad RAM modules
  • Broken charge, USB, HDMI, and other ports
  • WiFi reception issues
  • Laptop keyboard and touchpad replacements
  • Windows, OS X, and Linux reloads and upgrades
  • Virus and adware removal
  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Backups
  • And more!

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